SkyTemple Hack Jam

Important Memory

The fifth SkyTemple Game Jam! In just three weeks, members of the SkyTemple community had to create ROM hacks matching the topic Important Memory!

Theme: Important Memory

Gimmick: Custom Fixed Rooms

Want to find out more about why we decided how we did? Ask the Jury on our Discord! Some of the Jury members also have playthroughs on their YouTube channels.


The next world waits for you.

DISCLAIMER: This hack contains content and themes (cosmic horror, family trauma, and suicidal ideation) that may be disturbing for some players. Please play at your own discretion.


  • Best Hack
  • Community #1
  • Best Use of Gimmick
  • Best Single Cutscene
  • Best Dungeon Design
  • Most Technically Impressive

Patch: US Version

CW: Death, mass regicide. Nothing graphic.

Discovering the true history of the world seems interesting, but it is still a truth that should not be discovered.
Are you willing to take the risk?

Navigate through the overworld with the help of your 3 powers. What mysteries will you encounter?
Credits and info at the readme!


  • Best Hack
  • Best Single Cutscene
  • Most Unique or Creative
  • Community #3

Growing up, Sonto the Murkrow always felt like there was something a bit off. Growing up with his best friend, Jess the Flareon, in a family of fire types, he didn't know his real family. And for quite some time, he didn't have to think about why. However, a request comes in for their newly-formed team... and he is forced by fate to learn.


  • Best Use of Topic

Deep within the vast wilds of the Pokemon world, there lies a place, which- some say- was the origins of all life; White Garden. This sacred place houses another myth: therein exists an ancient seal, which locks away the blackest evil that the world has ever seen. Thanks to this powerful spell, such evil will never be exposed to the world again.


  • Community #2
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Custom Graphics

A Machop who has devoted his all to mining in caves now seeks a treasure at the bottom of Radiant Ravine, a Mystery Dungeon... Will he be able to reach the bottom and claim the treasure he seeks?

Disclaimer: Cutscenes are in a rough state at the moment.


  • Best Gameplay

Content warning: Moderate-harsh language, dark themes.

In A Starless Night, you follow Nova the Starly as he recollects the events leading up to his incarceration, as well as Nova and his guardian's daily struggle to put food on the table. This hack contains two dungeons, one of which is a puzzle dungeon composed entirely of fixed rooms.

Nova first appeared in Broken Chaos, the third installment of the MysteryMail series, though under the moniker of Fugitive Birb. Though he was originally written as a one-off character I created solely because I was interested in what others would do with him, I soon fell in love with the character. Additionally, Hack Jam 5 just so happened to be starting soon after the end of MysteryMail. Thus, the idea for A Starless Night was born.

Special thanks to AuraXalaiv for helping me write dialogue for one character in the overworld portion.
Special Thanks to BlueToDraw for the incredible Title Screen artwork.

This hack requires a US ROM.
Hack Length: 45-60 minutes.

Update 1.1 Changes

• The title screen has received a brand new art piece, created by BlueToDraw.
• Amethyst's unusable Rock Smash attack has been replaced with Helping Hand.
• Fixed the description for a specific TM still reading as if it teaches U-Turn when it doesn't.
• Added hurt and pinch dialogue for Amethyst.
• Added descriptions to the NPC Tag debug items to confuse players a tad bit less.

Update 1.2 Changes

• Title art has been slightly altered to make the artist's watermark legible.


  • Best Hack Jam Debut

Welcome to Paradise Prison. A facilty that is home to some of the most dangerous and dubious criminals the Pokémon world has to offer. Instead of completing jobs and catching outlaws, you'll be rubbing shoulders with the toughest rogues and renegades around. But even though the guards seem to have everything under control, when night falls, The Pit opens. The most notorious underground prison fight club in the Pokémon world. Work your way up the ranks as you meet new characters and familiar faces from Explorers of Sky and Lonely Roads.

The remastered version is finally here! With new dialogue, hold items, balancing, a new dungeon, and a secret boss if you can find him!

Available Languages: English, Spanish
Base: US
Version FINAL (Finally fixed the secret boss fight)


  • Best Hack Jam Debut
  • Community #3

Also Winners :)

Sirios the Riolu is an average explorer. Today is like any other day - he takes a request from the board and heads off to rescue a Pokémon. But this time, something's different. The Pokémon he meets is rather... unusual. What awaits Sirios in this wild adventure? Find out in Reaching for Myself!

Did you ever want to know what happened after MysteryMail 3? What happened to the world and everyone that is in it? The Plot tries to at least answer some questions...

Base ROM: Clean US version of Explorers of Sky
Estimated length of playing time: 30-45 minutes (for one route), 1 ½ hours approx. (for both routes)
Language: English
Content Warning: Offensive language, Crime, Mentions of Mafia
Current Version: 1.3.1 (changelog included with the patch)

Follow Nymble as he makes a run for it after stealing the guild's pay! Wind up in the labyrinth of a tyrant ruling a town, to defeat the corrupt ruler and restore peace...or will you choose violence and aim to become the tyrannical ruler instead?

Average playtime: 30-40 minutes

Base game: Clean US version of PMD Explorers of Sky (patching with secondary decompressor)

Language: English

- There is a content warning for emotional abuse, gaslighting, and guilt tripping in this story.
- For Desmume user, use latest version. Using old version causing few background music issue

What do you desire?
Espurr gets a chance to revisit and change her biggest regret and remember some uncomfortable truths about her past.

Playtime: Approx. 20 minutes
Patch Version: US
Contains: Vulgar humor and language

Team Misfits are a dysfunctional group on the best of days, but today they drew the short straw. Escort duty. Can they protect the client, stay focused, and avoid spilling their spaghetti?

We all know the personality test at the start of the games, right?
What if there was something else?
Somewhere between the world of Humans and the world of Pokémon?
Something to test whether one even suits the role of being the hero of the Pokémon world before being sent there?
Those are the Trials of the Person.
You play as a human, who was turned into a Pokémon and experience their attempt at these trials.
"Do you think you are fit to be a hero?"

Patch on a clean EU Rom and play in either english or german.

Now on Version 1.1.

An Amaura have a strange unexplicable vision, and try to find where it comes from, expected it to be related with her unknown origin.

EU rom, english only

There is one path. There is one exit. Climb your way though various challenges as one voice rings in your head: "You must escape."

NOTE: This hack's download link no longer worked due to changes in Discord's CDN and has therefore been removed. The hack cannot be downloaded from this site until its author fixes the download link.

Average playtime: ~30min
Patch is for the US version ONLY!
Please read the readme before playing.

3 dungeons. That's it. That's the whole hack. There is nothing more to say that is legit the entire hack.

Scorbunny and Mudkip, what a delightful pair! As best friends, they take on the world with each other by their side. Time moves on, however, and soon these two would eventually find themselves in quite the confrontation. Fate would not be so kind to the dear duo as it pits them against each other.

Congratulations! Your Glaceon Maid Cafe job application has been accepted. To complete your training, please open the enclosed Training Program and follow the instructions. Throughout the onboarding process, you'll receive a virtual tour of the facility, practice interview questions, and be put to the test in our highly advanced AI-powered simulator.

Time to complete: 30-45 minutes. Patch is for the US version of Explorers of Sky.
This hack has been tested on and is confirmed to work on a real Nintendo DS.

The sequel to Phantasime.
Were the events of Phantasime even real?
What was it about them anyway?
And what did even happen?
In Fantariem you can find the answers you are looking for.

Supported Languages:

Current Version: 1.2

Average playtime: 50mins
US patch

Sir Swipe Swipeington the 3rd Esquire is back with another Adventure! Armed with a task from the mailman and with his trusted sidekick Theo, what could go wrong?