A Starless Night

by bird_obsession#0
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

Content warning: Moderate-harsh language, dark themes.

In A Starless Night, you follow Nova the Starly as he recollects the events leading up to his incarceration, as well as Nova and his guardian's daily struggle to put food on the table. This hack contains two dungeons, one of which is a puzzle dungeon composed entirely of fixed rooms.

Nova first appeared in Broken Chaos, the third installment of the MysteryMail series, though under the moniker of Fugitive Birb. Though he was originally written as a one-off character I created solely because I was interested in what others would do with him, I soon fell in love with the character. Additionally, Hack Jam 5 just so happened to be starting soon after the end of MysteryMail. Thus, the idea for A Starless Night was born.

Special thanks to AuraXalaiv for helping me write dialogue for one character in the overworld portion.
Special Thanks to BlueToDraw for the incredible Title Screen artwork.

This hack requires a US ROM.
Hack Length: 45-60 minutes.

Update 1.1 Changes

• The title screen has received a brand new art piece, created by BlueToDraw.
• Amethyst's unusable Rock Smash attack has been replaced with Helping Hand.
• Fixed the description for a specific TM still reading as if it teaches U-Turn when it doesn't.
• Added hurt and pinch dialogue for Amethyst.
• Added descriptions to the NPC Tag debug items to confuse players a tad bit less.

Update 1.2 Changes

• Title art has been slightly altered to make the artist's watermark legible.