Outlaw's Paradise

by sf_okami#0
Hack Type:
Story Hack (mostly finished)

Not compatible with MelonDS. Will crash at final boss.

Welcome to Paradise Prison. A facilty that is home to some of the most dangerous and dubious criminals the Pokémon world has to offer. Instead of completing jobs and catching outlaws, you'll be rubbing shoulders with the toughest rogues and renegades around. But even though the guards seem to have everything under control, when night falls, The Pit opens. The most notorious underground prison fight club in the Pokémon world. Work your way up the ranks as you meet new characters and familiar faces from Explorers of Sky and Lonely Roads.

Note: There is a glitch involving Joy Seeds. For now, there is no need to use them.

Base: US
Version 1.5 (More bug fixes)