SkyTemple Hack Jam

Hack of the Year 2022

Celebrating the best that the SkyTemple community had to offer in 2022!

Theme: Hack of the Year 2022

Gimmick: Not Applicable

Want to find out more about why we decided how we did? Ask the Jury on our Discord! Some of the Jury members also have playthroughs on their YouTube channels.


What is the spirit?

Experience a new, full-length story about our familiar comforts and uncomfortable changes.

Features newly redesigned dungeons, an expansive cast of characters, and about a million other things that we don't want to spoil.

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Traducción al Español por Everson y Wolf Igmc4:


  • Hack of the Year
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Character
  • Best Cutscene Direction
  • Best Boss Fight
  • Best Single Cutscene Nominee 2
  • Best Single Dungeon Nominee 2

One day, a human wakes up in the middle of nowhere, having turned into a Pokémon.
Not too long after, they stumble upon Team Basil, a friendly exploration team.
What marvelous adventures await our recruited hero?
Find out in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Unknown!


  • Best Hack in Progress

DISCLAIMER: This hack has been removed at the request of the creator.


  • Best Gameplay Design
  • Best Dungeon Design
  • Best Single Dungeon
  • Most Technically Impressive
  • Most Unique and Creative

Time in the dark future has been restored. The world has a lot of healing left to do; but the reappearance of a pokemon long since thought to be extinct brings new hope to a lonely Arcanine. However, it also brings trouble!


  • Best Single Cutscene
  • Hack of the Year Nominee 3
  • Best Narrative Nominee 3
  • Best Cutscene Direction Nominee 3

After a long time not having contact at all, Noxa the Umbreon gets to meet her friends Dew the Manaphy, Eespie the Espurr and Brenchy the Phantump again. However, their emotional reunion suddenly turns into a big adventure to an abandoned mansion after they hear the legend of a unique Pokemon that resides there. Could the legend be true? What awaits for Noxa and company during their journey to this forgotten place?

Now released: V1.2.01
Due to substantial changes to the inner workings of the Save system, old saves are not compatible with V1.2

(Patching instructions are provided in the ReadME files. If you have problems patching, please read the files.)


  • Best Custom Graphics

Secluded in the deepest part of Western Cave, the most powerful Pokémon finally awakens…


  • Hack of the Year Nominee 2
  • Best Gameplay Design Nominee 2
  • Best Dungeon Design Nominee 2
  • Best Cutscene Direction Nominee 2
  • Most Unique and Creative Nominee 2
  • Best Character Nominee 3
  • Best Single Cutscene Nominee 3
  • Most Technically Impressive Nominee 3
  • Best Boss Fight Nominee 3

Spinda's wish to meet the legendary Ho-Oh leads to a fateful encounter...

US Version
Content warnings: Death, swearing, cosmic horror


  • Best Hack in Progress Nominee 2

PMD Explorers Retold is the Explorers story you all know and love but with one big difference... a talking protagonist! Join Team Fire Spark on an adventure they'll never forget which includes many new and diverging plot points.



  • Best Narrative Nominee 2

A difficulty hack released after 6 months of polishing and rebalancing the game around hard but fair challenges. A ton QoL features and mechanics are to be expected in this hack such as improved movesets, updated and Gen V+ moves, more generous stat curves, new TMs, and more diverse enemies in dungeon.
You can also expect mechanics such as GtI Exp. Share (by Irdkwia), Move Shortcuts (by End45) and Complete Team Control (by Cipnit/Jirt).
1.3 is gonna contain even more features like challenge modes, boss field effects, level scaling, toggleable difficulty modes, Fairy-type and new moves.
The aim of this hack is first to be as inclusive as it can be, but also to offer the player a different and enjoyable experience of Explorers of Sky with new quests and more !


  • Most Technically Impressive Nominee 2

A Pokemon zombie comedy.

It's the end of the world - mindless infected are amok, and anyone they touch melts into one too.

How did this happen? And can the world still be saved? Follow in the shadows of several sides to find out!

(Softlock? Reload your rom. We've fixed most instances of this issue)

(Latest Update: October 2022)


  • Best Boss Fight Nominee 2
  • Best Dungeon Design Nominee 3

Submitted for Hackjam #4: Meaningful Decisions

Following the marriage of Chatot and Guildmaster Wigglytuff, the guild is closed for the day. The specialized assassination squad, Team ElectroFlare, is tasked with eliminating a high-profile target on their day off. Chaos ensues.

Around 60 to 120 minutes long. Patch is for the US version of the game.


  • Best Custom Graphics Nominee 2

A complete re-interpretation of the Explorers of Sky storyline. Complete with new backstories, motivations, and characters. Experience a whole new story inside the Explorers of Sky universe! Follow the story of two protagonists both eager to escape their past, but their actions only further cause the secrets of their experiences to be revealed. Meet several new faces, as well as many of your favorite characters from Explorers of Sky, all revamped and given additional stories and motivations! While the hack may seems similar to Explorers of Sky in the beginning, it will morph into something much, much different the more you play! (Currently length is roughly 16 hours of content)

The Fifth Part is finally here! This part took FOREVER and I apologize for the countless delays. In this part is a few more hours of content to the main story, as well as a new special episode! If you are continuing your save and you completed up to Part IV, Part V should automatically start after a few in-game days.

Honestly, the amount of support for the hack has been crazy. Thank you to everyone who has paid attention to the journey, as well as those who have helped this project become what it is today! The link to the official LR Discord server is below. Stop by and say hi! Also, feel free to come by to report bugs of if you need help getting the hack to work!

*For use with a clean, USA based Explorers of Sky .nds
Version: 5.0.5 (SOOOOOO MANY FIXES, and still a few more minor ones to come)
WARNING: There was a glitch in 5.0. If you already purchased a newspaper, then the benches will now cause a softlock until you purchase a new paper. Please do not read any more issues unless you purchase a second paper. This does not apply if you have not purchased one yet. ONLY to those who bought a paper in 5.0, and ONLY that version.


  • Best Hack in Progress Nominee 3

Kagero, Merlinus, Ironjaw and Niterfoot all wish to go to a distant isle to gather supplies, but encounter each other there! What awaits them in the depths, and how well will your chosen character perform?


  • Best Gameplay Design Nominee 3

In a small village that bears the name Phantim, a Delphox resides. That Delphox is living a life, that could only be described as a Dream... or a Nightmare?
That's up to you to decided in Phantasime.

Saving outside the given prompts is strongly discouraged.

Current Version: V1.0.4
Available languages:
-German (Base game menus are still in english)


  • Best Single Dungeon Nominee 3
  • Most Unique and Creative Nominee 3

In a world beyond our own, a scientist creates an artificial Pokémon. Although things seem normal in this lab, the past always catches up eventually...

Patch is for the EU version of the game (only English is available at this time).
Playtime: 45-90 minutes


  • Best Custom Graphics Nominee 3