PMD: Lonely Roads

by SF_Okami#0327
Hack Type:
Story Hack (work in progress)

A complete re-interpretation of the Explorers of Sky storyline. Complete with new backstories, motivations, and characters.

In an unlikely place, our two heroes meet, both eager to begin their lives anew. One who sacrificed his past, the other unable to escape his. How far will they go to mend the wounds existing in each other?

**Current Progress
The second part is here, with tons of new content!
*NOTE: There are reports of the game not progressing properly if you import a save from Part 1, I am working to resolve this, but for now, it may be best for you to make a new save file.
-Continuation of the story.
-Side Quests have been implemented in Treasure Town.
-Beautifly now has exclusive scarfs for sale not found in Explorers of Sky! More will be added throughout the story.

Updates to The First Chapter
-Bug fixes.
-Typo fixes.
-Missing Assets added.
-Dungeons have been slightly tweaked.