Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Alpha

by lingeringlifeline#0
Hack Type:
Balance Hack (mostly finished)

A difficulty hack released after 6 months of polishing and rebalancing the game around hard but fair challenges. A ton QoL features and mechanics are to be expected in this hack such as improved movesets, updated and Gen V+ moves, more generous stat curves, new TMs, and more diverse enemies in dungeon.
You can also expect mechanics such as GtI Exp. Share (by Irdkwia), Move Shortcuts (by End45) and Complete Team Control (by Cipnit/Jirt).
1.3 is gonna contain even more features like challenge modes, boss field effects, level scaling, toggleable difficulty modes, Fairy-type and new moves.
The aim of this hack is first to be as inclusive as it can be, but also to offer the player a different and enjoyable experience of Explorers of Sky with new quests and more !