SkyTemple Hack Jam

Various Viewpoints

The third SkyTemple Game Jam! In just four weeks members of the SkyTemple community had to create ROM hacks matching the topic Various Viewpoints!

Theme: Various Viewpoints

Gimmick: Importing object sprites

Want to find out more about why we decided how we did? Ask the Jury on our Discord! Some of the Jury members also have playthroughs on their YouTube channels.


Secluded in the deepest part of Western Cave, the most powerful Pokémon finally awakens…


  • Best Hack
  • Community #1
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Narrative
  • Most Technically Impressive

A Pokemon zombie comedy.

It's the end of the world - mindless infected are amok, and anyone they touch melts into one too.

How did this happen? And can the world still be saved? Follow in the shadows of several sides to find out!

(Softlock? Reload your rom. We've fixed most instances of this issue)

(Latest Update: October 2022)


  • Best Use of Topic
  • Best Dungeon Design

A familiar face has recently gotten his wish granted. But it seems like that wish brought with it a series of unfortunate events. However not all is lost for someone arrives to save the day! Can you figure this mess out?


  • Best Use of Topic
  • Best Use of Gimmick
  • Best Single Cutscene
  • Best Custom Graphics
  • Most Unique or Creative
  • Most Technically Impressive

Time in the dark future has been restored. The world has a lot of healing left to do; but the reappearance of a pokemon long since thought to be extinct, brings new hope to a lonely Arcanine. However, it also brings trouble!


  • Community #2

The peaceful life in the city of Ultra Beasts changes when an intruder from a different world arrives...


  • Best Single Cutscene
  • Best Custom Graphics
  • Community #3

Also Winners :)

A Growlithe and a Vulpix go on an adventure far away from home, and end up on a mission to stop evildoers
from stealing an ancient relic of unimaginable power!
But things may not be as simple as they seem...

A prequel- 20 years ago, Probopass and his guild had to defeat his nemesis Shiftry one last time.

In a small town, the unthinkable happened, and you are here to solve the mystery as the town's detective.
Walls may contain secrets.
(Patching instructions are provided in the README files)

Legends speak of an ancient rite in the Shrine of Seals. Are 3 Eevee able to get past its trials?

Note: This patch is for the EU version of Explorers of Skies. The patch file is an updated version with a minor bug fix.

Travel to Boozel Continent and prevent Queen Skemple from saying the N-word in a Tic-Tac-Toe battle to the death. Ass Cucumber's third adventure is the story of Mystery Mail Blooming Chaos told from Alexander's perspective. This is the first 30% of the first chapter of a multi-chapter(?) series.

Time to complete: around 20 minutes.
Patch is for the US version of the game.

Have you ever wondered how hard it was for your opponents to beat you? Well, now you can take over their role. Try to beat yourselves.

Kagero, Merlinus, Ironjaw and Niterfoot all wish to go to a distant isle to gather supplies, but encounter each other there! What awaits them in the depths, and how well will your chosen character perform?