SkyTemple Hack Jam

Masked Realities

The sixth SkyTemple Game Jam! In just three weeks, members of the SkyTemple community had to create ROM hacks matching the topic Masked Realities!

Theme: Masked Realities

Gimmick: Custom Move/Item


Results will be published here soon!

The Pokémon of the future - now the residents of Serendipity Village - have pretty much moved on from the darkness of the future they once used to live in… except for one of them. When he wakes up one day, finding that his darkest fears are now reality, how will he get away from it? Or... will he at all?

"Life... Is kinda boring."

It's easy to get in your own head and believe you have life figured out, and especially so when you have no one close to you to keep you in check.
A life that's repetitive, aimless... And very, very boring. And worse still, in your arrogance, you don't believe you need a helping hand out of your rut.

Luckily, a single chance encounter is sometimes all that's needed to break the monotony...
That, or a very strange and very funky disco party.

Version: US (English and German language patches available)
Estimated Playtime: 45-60 minutes, longer if replayed.
Some emulators may be incompatible. Refer to the README for more.

A Pokémon discovers a world forgotten by time. However, this underground realm holds dangerous secrets...

You're a detective, a great one.
You find yourself on a train, where a murderer hides with the rest of the passengers.
You must interrogate them, and guess who the murderer is before it's to late.
You can use First Person Mode to interrogate.

More than half the dialogues are missing.

After a long time in the business, a notorious criminal group has finally decided to do their most ambitious job yet. However, once their biggest heist is foiled by a sudden ambush by a group of explorers, their bond of trust and brotherhood gets thrown into question as the suspicion of a traitor having infiltrated their ranks begin to arise.

New Wirral is a place where a community of former humans has formed, ending up as a "beast" there there seems all too common a fate. Stations for the "Mer-Line," a strange entity upon which the whorld is built, have been cropping up. Perhaps this is your way home?

Unfortunately, the stations are also infested with these weird "Pokémon" things with completely different kinds of moves and types than any normal beasts. It looks like you'll have to go through them to seize this chance.

Escent the Shaymin and Vera the Rowlet... They are defined by one thing. In spite of unsurmountable struggle, they will always manage to persevere. A tenacious spirit they share.

A world in which a night and day exists, two realities, seamlessly transitioning into each other, cyclically. but to think of a life in which you are only able to experience one half... they are unrelenting, shining in their longing to feel the warmth of the sun, or see the stars so far above. To experience that of which they can only hear of, they would do anything together.

If one chance... just one lead was given to them...
Maybe one day they could see each other happy.

There are 2 versions of this hack available: One that uses snd_stream (custom music), and one that doesn't. Using the snd_stream patch is highly recommended, unless your emulator/hardware cannot handle it. We put a LOT of effort into this hack's soundtrack.

Version 1.1: Patched major bugs, other small changes.
Version 1.1.1: Re-enabled custom dungeon generation.
Version 1.2: Complete dungeon overhaul, plus other small changes.
Full changelog in .zip file.

Chinchou is a young explorer with ideas of grandeur. Many, MANY ideas of grandeur. Too many ideas, in fact. And none of them are at all realistic. With so many ideas swimming around in her head, one is bound to work out this time, right?

This game contains Bugs. Literally.

Waking up as a Pokémon is already a pretty terrifying thing to happen to you... but what if you were also stuck deep inside of a dungeon right off the bat? Escape Meteor Cavern, a gargantuan sprawl of disorienting tunnels, and get to civilization.

Must be patched onto a clean EU Rom.

Available in:

"Cool Pokemon, cute Pokemon, strong Pokemon, weak Pokemon... all of these labels and more are used to describe who we are or who we will turn out to be. But is that it? Is our life just conforming to these preconceptions? Is that all there is to it? This couldn't be...right? Life has to have more meaning than this...It just has to. I will find it, my purpose. And this strange mirror shard will somehow help me achieve that."

Join our protagonist while they are In Search of Purpose.

Tropius, one of many humans-turned-Pokémon in the Clover Guild, has been struggling to adapt to his new form. He finds a job with a reward that might help him, but he can't do it alone. Reluctantly recruiting the help of some infamously incompetent guildmates, will Tropius be able to weather the storm?

Jump into other worlds, and scour for KEYS to progress through the mystifying structure.

Aggron opens his new shop in familiar location... He invites his friend Spoink but then trouble ensues.

The longing for treasure is a feeling that some Pokémon are never able to shake. While some search their local mystery dungeons for the spoils, or create exploration or rescue teams to acquire wealth, there is one location famed for it's riches... if you can find them. The Sand Continent. Many legends have been told about the treasure that lay buried in the sands, just waiting for the right explorer to come find them.

And for the boldest of explorers, there is Wahatan Town. A run-down settlement in the middle of the unforgiving desert of the Sand Continent. Once an established mining town, and one of the oldest settlements on the continent, it has been largely left to decay as it's inhabitants have gradually fled to the much more renowned Sahara Town.

The sandstorms of Wahatan Town make it a brutal location for any Pokémon who does not take the proper precautions to survive. But for all the challenges, is the treasure around the town worth the hardships? Only time will tell...

Follow a familiar face from Lonely Roads as they search for an ancient treasure in the Sand Continent. A treasure lost to the sands of time is the goal, and this face never fails at their goals.

Disclaimer: The hack is fully functional, but there are some details that are still being worked on. Most notably, the overworld is incomplete. Please keep that in mind when playing. This will be updated continuously! I will make it clear when the hack is 100% complete.

Base: US
Version: 1.7 (Likely the final version!)

Description: Snivy learns of her grandparents' passing and goes to Lumiose City with her friends to claim her inhertence. But strange things are going on in the city at night, and rumours abound. Can Snivy and her friends get to the bottom of Lumiose City's mysteries?

(Current version: 1.0.6 DEMO)