Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Sands of Time

by minarchu, sf_okami, top_kec
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

The longing for treasure is a feeling that some Pokémon are never able to shake. While some search their local mystery dungeons for the spoils, or create exploration or rescue teams to acquire wealth, there is one location famed for it's riches... if you can find them. The Sand Continent. Many legends have been told about the treasure that lay buried in the sands, just waiting for the right explorer to come find them.

And for the boldest of explorers, there is Wahatan Town. A run-down settlement in the middle of the unforgiving desert of the Sand Continent. Once an established mining town, and one of the oldest settlements on the continent, it has been largely left to decay as it's inhabitants have gradually fled to the much more renowned Sahara Town.

The sandstorms of Wahatan Town make it a brutal location for any Pokémon who does not take the proper precautions to survive. But for all the challenges, is the treasure around the town worth the hardships? Only time will tell...

Follow a familiar face from Lonely Roads as they search for an ancient treasure in the Sand Continent. A treasure lost to the sands of time is the goal, and this face never fails at their goals.

Disclaimer: The hack is fully functional, but there are some details that are still being worked on. Most notably, the overworld is incomplete. Please keep that in mind when playing. This will be updated continuously! I will make it clear when the hack is 100% complete.

Base: US
Version: 1.7 (Likely the final version!)