SkyTemple Hack Jam

Meaningful Decisions

The fourth SkyTemple Game Jam! In just three weeks, members of the SkyTemple community had to create ROM hacks matching the topic Meaningful Decisions!

Theme: Meaningful Decisions

Gimmick: Custom Overworld

Want to find out more about why we decided how we did? Ask the Jury on our Discord! Some of the Jury members also have playthroughs on their YouTube channels.


Spinda's wish to meet the legendary Ho-Oh leads to a fateful encounter...

US Version
Content warnings: Death, swearing, cosmic horror


  • Best Hack
  • Community #2
  • Best Gameplay
  • Most Technically Impressive

I present to you: A normal, ordinary ROM Hack!
Featuring a normal, ordinary story with a normal, ordinary exploration team!
All seems normal, right? What could possibly happen?


  • Community #1
  • Best Narrative

A prequel to "Explorers Of The Merge (currently unreleased)", FACTEOTW is both a comedy and a tragedy at the same time! Taking inspiration from the works of Shakespeare, this hack takes place entirely underwater 5000 years in the past, in the middle of a clan strife between two fish clans. Where will you take Finny, will you cause the world to end? Or will you perhaps get distracted with countless other things? (V1.5)


  • Best Use of Topic
  • Community #3

CW: MINOR GORE & references to DEATH

A Porygon-Z must navigate through puzzles in an abandoned research facility.
In the demo, you will find an emergency code to use the elevator. A README with a walkthrough is included in case you get stuck


  • Best Use of Gimmick
  • Best Custom Graphics
  • Most Unique or Creative

A legend from the skies descends...


  • Best Single Cutscene

In a small village that bears the name Phantim, a Delphox resides. That Delphox is living a life, that could only be described as a Dream... or a Nightmare?
That's up to you to decided in Phantasime.

Saving outside the given prompts is strongly discouraged.

Current Version: V1.0.4
Available languages:
-German (Base game menus are still in english)


  • Best Dungeon Design

Also Winners :)

With so many amazing hacks and only ten awards, sadly not everyone can win. Here are the other jam entries—which were also fantastic—but didn't receive an award. For some of them it was REALLY close, so please don't be discouraged by not getting an award!

In a world where every mailman is Pelipper, our brave Emolga defies that to become the first non-Pelipper Mailman!
Can you surpass the trials you will encounter?

EU Patch
Only English + Spanish supported.

Honestly I can't even write up a plot synopsis I wrote half of the script while high off of sleep deprivation so have fun.

Patch is for the US version of the game

NOTE: This hack's download link no longer worked due to changes in Discord's CDN and has therefore been removed. The hack cannot be downloaded from this site until its author fixes the download link.

In a world beyond our own, a scientist creates an artificial Pokémon. Although things seem normal in this lab, the past always catches up eventually...

Patch is for the EU version of the game (only English is available at this time).
Playtime: 45-90 minutes

Average Playtime: 20-30 minutes
Patch: US Version

Three best friends suddenly find themselves transported to the middle of a dark, decrepit mansion with no sign of any entry or exit. They must use their wits, their questionable skills, and their mediocre environmental awareness to get through this... will they able to make it out alive?

NOTE: This hack's download link has been temporarily removed at the request of the creators.

Most of us are familiar with the story that unfolds in Red/Blue Rescue Team. But what led up to those precious moments? What was happening behind the scenes? And who, if anyone, was instrumenting them...

Submitted for Hackjam #4: Meaningful Decisions

Following the marriage of Chatot and Guildmaster Wigglytuff, the guild is closed for the day. The specialized assassination squad, Team ElectroFlare, is tasked with eliminating a high-profile target on their day off. Chaos ensues.

Around 60 to 120 minutes long. Patch is for the US version of the game.