SkyTemple Hack Jam

Ghosts and Spirits

The second SkyTemple Game Jam! Members of the community had three weeks to create the ROM Hacks of their dreams, all while following a topic fitting the spooky season of Halloween.

Motto: Ghosts and Spirits

Gimmick: Have a map background not present in the base game

Want to find out more about why we decided how we did? Ask the Jury on our Discord! Some of the Jury members also have playthroughs on their YouTube channels.


One day, a Girafarig tries to unveil the secret a mysterious door...

Warning: talk about death (serious or not)

DISCLAIMER: This hack's download link has been removed at the request of the creator.


  • Best Hack
  • Community #2
  • Best Gameplay
  • Most Technically Impressive

Adventure after adventure with some friends our main character feels the need to take a break.
Though it's no ordinary break. Needing to clear their minds they enter a dungeon.
But there's a foreboding aura all the way down to the bottom. What really happened down there?


  • Community #1
  • Best Cutscenes

After a long time not having contact at all, Noxa the Umbreon gets to meet her friends Dew the Manaphy, Eespie the Espurr and Brenchy the Phantump again. However, their emotional reunion suddenly turns into a big adventure to an abandoned mansion after they hear the legend of a unique Pokemon that resides there. Could the legend be true? What awaits for Noxa and company during their journey to this forgotten place?

Now released: V1.2.01
Due to substantial changes to the inner workings of the Save system, old saves are not compatible with V1.2

(Patching instructions are provided in the ReadME files. If you have problems patching, please read the files.)


  • Best Use of Topic
  • Best Dungeon Design
  • Best Custom Graphics

One day, two young kids go searching for treasure when they stumble across a strange and spooky land; filled with dangers, obstacles, and a scary monster! Made for the second SkyTemple Hack Jam.


  • Best Use of Gimmick
  • Best Dungeon Design

It's time for everyone's favorite birdbrain to confess his love in Ass Cucumber's second adventure. But it won't be easy!
Time to complete: 30-45 minutes
CONTENT WARNING: Contains swearing and suggestive themes. Not reccomended for children under 13.
Patch is for the US version of the game.


  • Community #2

In this little hack, you'll spend some time with your friend Litwick! Well, 3 (three...?) days in fact!


  • Best Narrative
  • Most Unique or Creative

Also Winners :)

With so many amazing ROM Hacks and only 10 awards, sadly not everyone can win. Here are the other submitted ROM Hacks, which are also all really good but didn't quite get one of the awards. For some of them it was REALLY close, so don't be discouraged by not getting an award.

You play as Gengar.
You battle against Gengar.

A philosophical story about a Corsola put to a test where she will have to face problems of her now endangerous life.

Dusknoir is a spirit guide who guides spirits around the afterlife. One day, he gets a rather... hotheaded client. What adventures will they have?

Time to complete: 1h15min-1h30min

Content Warning: Mentions of death (not much existential crisis)

Patch for the US version. 4 dungeons total.

A one-dungeon demo hack where you play through Chatot's DnD-inspired campaign as Bidoof and Chimecho's characters.

NOTE: This hack's download link has been removed at the request of the creator.

Time to complete: ~1 hour
made by @_Alex#3469

It's the annual Tenebris Halloween Festival! Let's go out there and grab some candy. Whoever gets to the end of Macabre Mansion first wins!

The first iteration of the Tenebris Island series

Content warning: many references of death and illegal substances

US version ROM