Explorers of Skies

by staro
Hack Type:
Balance Hack (mostly finished)

An updated vanilla-ish take on Explorers of Sky! Every dungeon has been revamped, with some contain special gimmicks (EX: Drenched Bluff has a dangerous 6th floor, Waterfall Cave is always rainy and max darkness, there's no food in the Northern Desert, etc.) The game is intended to have a higher difficulty curve, however it isn't unfair/kaizo-level hard.

Gameplay features currently include:
Fairy Type, Fairy type moves/gummis, new TMs, new moves from future generations, Regional Variants, easier Aegis Cave, Mt.Blaze and Mt.Thunder, new dungeons, new post-game events, Espurr partner, returning Luxio Tribe from Darkness/Time, new dungeon spawnlists, additional rewards for completing Zero Isles, four party limit in all Zero Isles with recruiting now enabled, all starter/partner families now have overworld sleeping sprites, reworked starter/partner movepools and abilities, an Alolan Vulpix as a choice for starter/partner, 4x Text speed, A quick tunnel from Sharpedo Bluff to Crossroads, the ability to revisit Future dungeons, Arceus event, patches created by End45 that improve gameplay and allow for more choice (Move Shortcuts, DisableTips, and SameType Partner), Patches by Irdkwia to let you select what Starter you want to play as, Complete Team Control to manually control your allies, quicker Spinda Café text, and much more planned!