Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-The Bright Future

by d20dragonite
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Bright Future is a 12-chapter story hack set in the Explorers of Sky world. Inspired by the storytelling and style of its predecessor, it’s a new narrative that follows a more classic PMD plot formula.

Many years after the events of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, a new adventure begins in the bright future.

When you wake up in the body of a Pokémon, you know something is terribly wrong…because this happened before. This is not your first time visiting the world of Pokémon. You have no memory of what you did on your last adventure, but you’re certain that you succeeded, and this world has already been saved. With your role complete, why are you back? Your return must be some kind of mistake.

With the help of your well-meaning but impulsive partner—a Rockruff who was just kicked off their former exploration team—you join the Wigglytuff’s Guild of the future and re-explore the world, trying to uncover the mystery of your return and unmask a malicious familiar force that threatens the wellbeing of the Pokémon you once saved.

Quick FAQ:

Is this a new story from Explorers of Sky?
Yes! It's a completely original story with over 70 new cutscenes spread out across 12 chapters.

Is this the same player and partner as EoS?
The player/human and partner of this hack are separate from the EoS duo, as this takes place in the far future. At the moment, the player is always Scorbunny and the partner is always Rockruff. Note: it is highly recommended for story purposes that you give your partner a nickname rather than species name!

What's the setting?
The world of Explorers of Sky, many years after the events that took place in the first game. The world and characters in this story didn't exist until the timeline was changed by the original player and partner in EoS. So while not a direct sequel, this takes place in the bright future the events of the first game have led to.

What's the tone of the story?
A classic PMD “romp and whomp” story about friendship and empathy. All-ages appropriate.

How long is this?
12 chapters, 9 new dungeons, 10 new bosses

Can you Dynamax/Gigatamax?
While the concept of Dynamax and implications of it in a Pokemon society are important to the narrative, the gameplay is otherwise the same as EoS and does not include the ability to Dynamax at the moment.

Any custom assets outside of sprites?
There are two custom music tracks—one for the final boss battle and one for the post-final battle cutscene—and three custom art pieces.

Is this finished?
Yes! Note: this build is a story mode as there is no overworld, so the gameplay flow goes from cutscenes to dungeons and player level remains at 20 throughout.

Is the Croagunk in the future guild a descendant of the original Croagunk? Or an unrelated Croagunk? Or Croagunk himself after he found the elixir of immortality?

What ROM was used as the base?
A clean US ROM of Explorers of Sky.

I'm new to SkyTemple. How do I play this?
This is a fanmade patch, not a ROM. In order to play it, you need your own copy of Explorers of Sky. Then, download the free patch file below, and apply it to your ROM using an xdelta patching tool.

*This patch, just like all patches in this directory, is a completely free fanwork and exists only to share my passion for PMD. I do not condone the sale of anything related to this hack.*