A Phione's Tale

by ele_nya#0
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

It's a Phione's duty to protect the sea. However, they can't do their job properly without a Guardian's help - and this one seems unwilling to let them work by their side...

Follow the story of three Phione trying to earn the Guardian's trust!


This hack features a "normal" and "hard" mode for dungeons plus two support modes that provide Reviver Seeds or even makes your team unkillable if needed. It's about 3 hours long depending on your playstyle.

It's meant to be a precuel to my next Pokémon fangame - "Reminiscence" that you can follow at @pkmn_realidea on Twitter if you like. There you can report any bugs you come across (Discord also OK)!

An EU ROM is needed! Only English and Spanish languages are supported.