Broken Chaos

by grooooovy, adex_8x, top_kec
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

Our third MysteryMail event, featuring Braixen from Branching Chaos and Illumise from Templus Machina! Follow their shenanigans as they jump from place to place, trying to uncover the secrets of the world they live in...

Organized by: FunnyKecleonMeme, Groovy and Adex

Participants (Ordered): Nikola, Espik, Big, Axcel, TawnySoup, Dovey, JuanmaSG, Stolen Burrito + AuraXalaiv, Haifan, ShyQuietRain, Solargress, Okami, Zorquil, Murpi + PhillipsYoung, 1235nut, pixel, memer simon, Irdkwia + Yakkomon, Mew, Fawful999, Argonien, Polybo, Marius + Minarchu, Oceansodaz, sec, JaiFain, Pazkallan, Ass Cucumber + gUY, Baroness Faron, Tainted, techticks, Cait Sith, Parker Ryland, Fafnir + TaylorPlayz