Branching Chaos

by grooooovy#0, adex_8x#0, top_kec#0, yakkomon#0
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

Our second public MysteryMail event! This time we follow Marcus, the silent Flygon from Blooming Chaos, and Ironfin Scalejaw, the pirate Feraligatr! This time, they're splitting up into two branches. In Branch A, we follow Marcus the Flygon on his adventure to get milk. In Branch B, we follow Scalejaw on his adventure into a mysterious painting after running away from a crowd.

Organized by: Adex, Stolen Burrito, Groovy, Yakkomon and FunnyKecleonMeme

A branch participants (Ordered): Cait_Sith, Mattshark, baroness faron, Tainted, Trio, Argonien, Capypara, Noivern, Sebasitan, AR0NZ, Espik, pfero, techticks

B branch participants (Ordered): Anonymous, JaiFain, Murpi + Philips196, Ass Cucumber, Slumbreon, JuanmaSG, gUY, sudzoof, Pazkallan, Fafnir, Marius, Mew.