Blooming Chaos

by Adex#7623, groovy#5115, Stolen Burrito#9385
Hack Type:
Story Hack (finished)

Our very first public event in which our two Shaymin protagonists, Lily and Tulip, set out on a journey to get away from the village! Unfortunately, they run into the Dying Guild. Where will they go from here?!

Organized by: Stolen Burrito, Adex and Groovy

Participants (Ordered): JaiFain, Dede6giu, Argonien, clover, Irdkwia Idkmn, Marius, Slumbreon, Pazkallan, Murpi + Philips196, Espik, Ass Cucumber, Mattshark, JojoRetroGamer, Tainted, New2Games, FunnyKecleonMeme, Yakkomon, Sudzoof, BoredCrow24, Miju