Explorers Of The Merge

by minarchu
Hack Type:
Story Hack (work in progress)

Part 1/5

One day in the human world, you meet a Pokémon washed ashore on a beach. After taking it in, you learn it can talk, talking Pokémon don’t exist, but this one clearly does. Fast forward a year, and you’re sailing into the unknown, when a storm shipwrecks you into the world of Pokémon.

This is a 5-part hack with a new story taking place on a new island (not the grass continent). Be prepared to deal with a talking protagonist and your partner, along with gameplay slightly more challenging than vanilla EOS and all new dungeons.

Part 1 contains 7 dungeons + 1 special episode.

Update 2-5-24: Use P1V3 for the latest changes. Part 2 coming some time this year.