PMD: Explorers of Maelstrom

by oniigashiima#0
Hack Type:
Balance Hack (work in progress)

Explorers of Maelstrom is a hack of sky that seeks to make the game faster and more dynamic in terms of combat and character progression. Most animations have had their speed increased, text speed has been massively increased, now neigh instant, and every dungeon up until the end of postgame contains a secondary "Mid-Boss" floor specially curated to challenge the player and add more depth to the dungeons.

Marowak Dojo has been reworked to act as a progression hub for the player. Here, you can grind for experience fighting members of the Blissey line in the training maze, Hoard wealth in the Poke maze, Forage for apples in the aptly named Apple maze, and test your luck against the games hardest bosses in the Challenge Maze. I'm definitely missing one but you get the idea.

In addition, Luminous Spring is available from the start of the game and can be accessed once Mt.bristle is unlocked.

The hack, as of version 1.0, contains 8 starters, each possessing a unique set of base stats and stat growths complemented by an extensive list of moves (for the most part lol). Play as Wimpod, Cutiefly, Golett, Litwick, Crabrawler, Pawniard, Duraludon, and Dhelmise.

This is the first version of the hack. Therefore, it's not as fleshed out as I envision it to be, but I intend to get it there in due time with a constant stream of updates. Stay tuned.

Update: Version 1.3 has been released. Will have to check the discord for changes atm.