Guardian of Hidden Land

by happy_lappy
Hack Type:
Story Hack (work in progress)

Join Lapras and the Time Gear guardians on an adventure near-forgotten by time itself, to prevent an unknown cataclysm from coming to fruition in the distant future! This hack will play a lot like a special episode, primarily focusing on Lapras from the base game! I aim to provide more character depth to the less developed characters in the Explorers of Sky universe, such as Lapras, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Ditto, and Dialga! Furthermore, the hack is a prequel to the base Explorers of Sky plot, and is intended to be in the same canon as the base game. That said, the events of this story take place a long time before the base plot! Some characters have changed drastically in this time!

Guardian of Hidden Land is also a DEDICATED PUZZLE HACK! The gameplay mostly consists of 8-floor puzzle dungeons, interrupted by short intermissions. There is a fully integrated system for skipping and replaying puzzles, and plenty of hints! Completion time for this hack will vary drastically, but a fair estimate would be 8-10 hours worth of puzzle, and a 9-12 hour experience. When Chapter 2 eventually releases, expect that to double!

Please use a clean, EU based Explorers of Sky ROM! (See Readme.txt for specific instructions)
Version: 1.0.1

Thank you for reading! - Happylappy