Explorers of Sky: Remixed! 2.0

by gala1d
Hack Type:
Story Hack (mostly finished)

(This was updated early in preparation for 2.0.0. This version will release on 2/27/24. Stay tuned!)

This is a ROM Hack of Explorers of Sky that adds an entirely new starter list, new mechanics, as well as tweaking the expressions and dialogue of the entire main story!

Hey, my name is Gala and I wanted to share a hack I created! This hack has been in the works since October of 2023, and is a very big feat of mine. The game’s plot itself is relatively the same, but bits of everything else have been altered in minor or major ways. Think of this as a QOL with random altered story elements. There’s a lot of stuff to cover, so I did my best to lay it all out below! If you don’t feel like reading a wall of text, that’s okay! Download it for yourself and enjoy!

UPDATE: As of 2.0.X, I have gone on hiatus. I wish to dive back into other passions of mine for the time being. However, this project will return someday! Join the Discord to keep up to date on the latest news regarding EoS: Remixed! You can also check out my YouTube Channel through the trailer!

- All the starters have been almost entirely replaced, and many of them have new typings and/or move pools. I recommend checking them all out to find which team comp works best for you!

- I have added pretty much every SkyTemple community patch, which includes things such as Complete Team Control, Fairy Type, Choosing your Starter, and many more! It all comes together to make the experience fresh and exciting!

- I've also provided the necessary applications to apply this patch, all you've gotta do is provide your own untampered ROM of Explorers of Sky. 

I used assets provided by many people through places such as the PMD Sprite Repository, so check it out to give the artists some love!

- As a reminder, this hack alters aspects of the game’s story. Some characters look different with new names or are different in their entirety. The entire game’s script has edited dialogue to remedy poor translations and poorly conveyed emotions. The portraits of characters are more expressive where possible, as well. However, that is the extent of my meddling. This isn’t EoS rebuilt from the ground up, it’s more so a modified experience that allows me to learn the ropes of making an EoS ROM Hack.

- I've added many new moves to the game to go along with Fairy Type as well as the newer gen Pokémon added to the hack. As well as this, Protean replaces Color Change, Moxie replaces Pure Power, and Contrary replaces an unused ability slot.

- Added Moves: Echoed Voice, Disarming Voice, Plasma Fist, Infernal Parade, Bitter Malice, Gigaton Hammer, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Moonblast, Play Rough, Accelerock, First Impression

- I have added new Pokémon to every main story dungeon. They now include all mainline starters from Gen 5-9, as well as the overhauled starter list. Some bosses have been altered as well, as well as potentially adding new boss fights that weren’t there before. Every dungeon will include level-scaling, where evolutions of mons within the base spawn pool will appear after certain points of the story. Best stay on your toes when returning to past dungeons!