Darkrai's Revenge

by yakkomon#0
Hack Type:
Story Hack (work in progress)

A story hack that completely overhauls the post-game Darkrai arc.

It's been some time since Mitchell & Sparky of Team Fire Spark stopped the planet's paralysis and life is slowly getting back to normal. But, all is still not well in the world. Spacial distortions are beginning to appear. Is Mitchell's presence as a human who should no longer exist the cause? Will he have to leave everything behind once more to save the world? Or is something more sinister lurking in the background?

For Team Fire Spark, they are about to face their greatest challenge yet...

Patch contains Act 1 with 4 dungeons and 2-3 hours of gameplay.

(This hack also serves as the final adventure for the PMD Retold machinima series, however this hack has also been designed to be played standalone of any knowledge of continuity.)