Taking Wing (Demo)

by bird_obsession
Hack Type:
Story Hack (work in progress)

DeSmuME is currently recommended due to a crash in one of the dungeons. This crash will be resolved as soon as possible.

Bismuth is a Swablu who used to be content with his peaceful lifestyle of keeping to himself and tending to his garden. However, after an involuntary escapade involving broken tradition, perceived exile, and an unfortunately timed Ice Beam attack, a spark for adventure has bloomed. Before long, Bismuth is offered an opportunity to satisfy that spark by someone whom his relationship with is strained.

Taking Wing is a sequel to my very first hack, Flight of the Bluebird. However, I aim to make this an experience people can enjoy even if they haven't played that. There are many references to the events of Flight of the Bluebird, though I hope they're presented in a way that can serve as context clues towards an interesting backstory. Did I succeed with this? Did I fail miserably? Please tell me your thoughts; I'm eager for your feedback! I'd also appreciate reports of typos and formatting errors (My discord is bird_obsession).

This hack has a fully custom soundtrack! The music was created by myself, AuraXalaiv, and Solargress. Playing on hardware is not currently recommended due to issues with snd_stream, though I'll provide a fix for this as soon as possible.

Credits are in the .zip file.
A clean US ROM is required.

Estimated demo playtime: 2 hours

The full hack is planned for an early-mid 2025 release.