by thekitchensunk#0
Hack Type:
Balance Hack (work in progress)

Pokéwanderer is a "gameplay overhaul" hack based on various entries in Chunsoft's "Mystery Dungeon" franchise. The primary inspirations behind the changes are Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon(2015) and Mystery Dungeon 2: Shiren the Wanderer(1995), though it also borrows ideas from various other titles. While the hack does get much more difficult than the base game, it's not exactly a "kaizo" hack either, just a different design approach.

Primary features:
-Major starter re-balancing
-Recruitment is disabled except for certain exceptions
-Every enemy plays a distinct role in Dungeons, and every encounter holds a lot more weight
-Regen speed is much higher, and enemy spawnrates are slightly slower.
-Items are much more important, playing an equal role to moves. The proper use and management of items is crucial to your survival.
-All items and money are lost on death, and most Dungeons quick save at the start as an anti-cheat measure.
-All cutscenes are skippable by holding B + Start

Current Version: 0.10.1(DD&D)